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New Users Drive Treatment Opportunities

The potential of ECMO therapies

Extracorporeal Life Support Systems (ECLS) are modified heart-lung machines that can be used to temporarily support or replace heart and lung function in patients with acute respiratory or circulatory failure – about 2.2 million patients with this condition are potentially eligible for this treatment worldwide every year.

ECLS technologies were once considered a last resort. But that is changing: A new generation of clinical users is utilizing the devices in emerging therapy options for an entirely new range of patient conditions and indications – like Sudden Cardiac Arrest (CA) or  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). And the numbers are rising dramatically.

These new approaches to healthcare called for a new take on technology. So we reexamined ECLS from a different perspective, redesigned the technology from the ground up, and manufactured cutting-edge equipment to fuel these healthcare developments. 

Our devices have the potential to save lives and improve healthcare because they are:


User-friendly equipment helps clinicians focus on patients instead of tools.

Straightforward design facilitates treatment safety to improve outcomes – also in emergency situations.

Easy operation has a direct impact on the time and effort needed for training.


Compact size aids patient transport in severely restricted spaces within hospitals, between clinics, or even in the field*.

Flexible placement facilitates patient mobilization – a critical parameter for ECMO.

Adaptable setup enables use in diverse treatment situations.


Optimized construction maximizes performance to minimize side effects.

Premium components provide long-term stability, wear behavior, and effectiveness.

Safe operation is ensured by design – with mechanical robustness, full device integration, and automatic safety measures.

*Current products intended to be used in professional healthcare environment only.