Clinical Setting

Intensive Care Units, emergency rooms, cath labs, or wards all constitute professional healthcare environments. As such, they are equipped with O2 and pressurized gas supply wall outlets, and also typically provide a full range of vital parameter monitoring capabilities.

MOBYBOX™ patient unit

The pump and gas exchanger are built into a single housing, so the MOBYBOX™ patient unit can be placed directly at the patient’s bedside for every kind of cannulation.

Connecting tubes

The tubes that connect to the cannulae can be kept extremely short, which reduces foreign surface contact, heat loss, and priming volume.

Master control unit

The MOBYBOX Master controller unit provides both blood and gas flow management, and comes with a fully integrated gas blender.

The control unit significantly increases freedom and mobility because it can be placed in a position separate from the patient unit and is connected via a 2 m pneumatic driving line.

Further Scenarios

Because it does not require an electrical power source, the MOBYBOX™ is ideally suited for situations with limited infrastructure such as emergency applications in the field or during transport. The ultra-small Runner controller* combines unrivaled mobility with the safety that comes from ease of use.


The MOBYBOX™ system facilitates patient mobilization, particularly during ambulation, because its individual components can be separated and positioned individually. The MOBYBOX™ can be easily carried and the flexible pneumatic connections allow a sufficient radius of movement.

*Current products intended to be used in professional healthcare environment only.