The MOBYBOX™ is designed to support or replace heart and lung function, and rescue patients with acute cardiac and/or respiratory failure. It weighs less than a pair of shoes and fits in a small backpack.

Using only pneumatic power as its energy source, the MOBYBOX™ is the first ECMO machine to integrate both blood flow control and gas management into a single device. It does not require an electrical power source, software, or even a motor, making it a surprisingly straightforward solution that reduces size and complexity.

The MOBYBOX™ patient unit

The disposable MOBYBOX™ patient unit is the size of a handbag and weighs only 2 kg. Its construction integrates all active components: the pump and gas exchanger are in a single housing that can be placed directly at the patient’s bedside. This design enables the tubes that connect to the cannulae to be extremely short – reducing foreign surface contact, heat loss, and priming volume. At the same time, the MOBYBOX™ patient unit is connected to a remote-control unit via flexible pneumatic lines.

MOBYBOX™ system

The disposable MOBYBOX™ patient unit is operated with a controller attached to the stationary wall gas supply and/or mobile gas cylinders. The controller can be placed in a position separate from the patient unit and is connected to the patient unit via a 2 m pneumatic driving line.

MOBYBOX™ with Runner control
MOBYBOX™ with Runner control

Weighing only about 1.8 kg, the MOBYBOX™ Runner controller sets a new benchmark in terms of mobility. Despite its size, it still provides both blood flow and gas management as well as unrivalled ease of use and safety – even in environments with limited infrastructure.

Design and performance
Patient proximity

The MOBYBOX™ patient unit integrates all active components of the system: The pump and gas exchanger are in a single housing that can be placed directly at the patient’s bedside. This positioning means that the tubes that connect to the cannulae can be kept extremely short, reducing foreign surface contact, heat loss, and priming volume.


The MOBYBOX™ contains all active components and weighs about 2 kg. It can constantly remain with the patient – even during prone positioning, mobilization, and transport for every cannula configuration (fem/fem; fem/jug and double lumen).


The MOBYBOX™ Master control unit is connected using a flexible pneumatic line, so it can be placed in a separate position up to 2 m away from the MOBYBOX™.

Vessel Access

The MOBYBOX™ can be operated with all common single and double lumen cannulae suited for ECMO applications and which provide a 3/8-inch connector for the tubing. Percutaneous VA- and VV-applications include femoral-femoral, femoral-jugular and double-lumen jugular configurations.

Performance parameters

The MOBYBOX™ system has been configured to deliver blood flow rates of 1.0 to 5.0 L/min, oxygen transfer rates of ≥ 60 mL O2/min per L/min blood flow, CO2 transfer of ≥ 50 mL CO2/min per L/min blood flow. Sweep gas flow can be varied between 0 to 20 L/min.

Autonomous Operation

No mains power supply or power storage batteries are required to operate the systems, which run solely on pressurized gas.


Foreign surface reduction

Our Bionique Flow Technologies are  more efficient when it comes to gas exchange – so they require fewer fibers and this reduces foreign surface area. Shorter tube lengths and the fact that a heat exchanger is no longer necessary also contribute to this reduction.

Recombinant Albumin Coating

The optimized fluid dynamic is designed to safely prevent stagnant flow areas and create a most favorable washout. On top of this measures an optional recombinant human albumin coating leads to a passivation of blood contacting surfaces and supports reduction of coagulation activation during initial blood contact.

Easy de-airing

The component configuration in the patient unit allows for fast de-airing of the system. After connection to the included de-airing set, the device just needs to be placed in an upright position so it can use gravity to completely fill the system with physiologic solution.

Multi-gas options

The MOBYBOX™ is the first ECMO machine to manage both perfusion and gas exchange in a single device. Depending on the available infrastructure and treatment requirements, it provides up to three different gas control modes.

Display cockpit

The MOBYBOX™ is controlled from a single menu with direct access to all parameters. The patient’s full ECMO circuit is replicated on the user interface – its function is reminiscent of a switch tower for train operation. All parameters, values, and alarms are intuitively accessible and displayed at a glance.

One-page instruction manual

Have you ever been annoyed by a 250-page instruction manual? The MOBYBOX™ comes with a one-page instruction sheet for use. It illustrates each operational function, step by step, and also lists detailed safety precautions and hands-on tips and tricks for device operation and patient handling.

Gas management integration

Blood flow and gas exchange rate are the two vital parameters for managing an ECMO system. The MOBYBOX™ controls are both contained in a single device and include automatic back-up resources and hyperoxygenation protection.

Auto sweep gas supply

Both perfusion and gas exchange are crucial for ECMO patients. Due to its integrated gas management, the MOBYBOX™ automatically starts the sweep gas flow supply as soon as the blood flow is turned on.

Backup security

Uninterrupted perfusion and oxygenation are both critical prerequisites for patient survival under ECMO. The MOBYBOX™ Master controller monitors the pump’s performance and manages efficient gas exchange. It also switches automatically to a back-up gas source if the gas supply breaks down unexpectedly.

Temperature preservation

The MOBYBOX™ offers effective measures to prevent heat dissipation by providing a housing with thermal foam insulation and by significantly reducing tube lengths – which also reduces energy loss.

Pneumatic robustness

The MOBYBOX™ only uses pneumatic energy and pneumatic controls for operation. The electronics of the MOBYBOX™ Master are not essential for device operation but are present solely as a security measure and run on readily available household batteries..

The electronics of the MOBYBOX™ Master are a security measure only which are not essential for device operation and run on readily available household batteries.

Steady, blood-friendly pump

The pump is a pneumatically driven bi-ventricular displacement pump. Displacement pumps like the natural heart itself are among the most durable pump systems available and provide the most gentle treatment of blood – one of the reasons they are used for long-term Total Artificial Hearts (TAH).

Sturdy system design

All active components are fully enclosed in a light, weighted, and shock-resistant foam housing and secured against all kinds of external mechanical impacts. The foam housing also provides thermal insulation to preserve thermal energy.

Application Scenarios

ECLS patients are found in multiple treatment settings, which calls for flexible system configurations. The MOBYBOX™ system’s pneumatic drive line allows for easy separation of the patient unit from the controller and therefore offers unrivaled versatility.

Clinical Setting

The patient unit can be placed directly at the patient’s bedside and always stays with the patient – even during prone positioning and mobilization. The Master controller can be placed in a separate position, provides back-up gas supply functionality, and includes full gas blender capabilities.


Because it does not require an electrical power source, the MOBYBOX™ is ideally suited for situations with limited infrastructure such as emergency applications in the field or during transport. The ultra-small Runner* controller combines unrivaled mobility with the safety that comes from ease of use.


The MOBYBOX system facilitates patient mobilization, particularly during ambulation, because its individual components can be separated and positioned individually. The MOBYBOX can be easily carried and the flexible pneumatic connections allow a sufficient radius of movement.

*Current products intended to be used in professional healthcare environment only.