ECLS is increasingly used for Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR) procedures outside of hospital environments* to treat patients in cardiac arrest or profound circulatory shock.

This utilization creates a whole range of additional challenges for ECLS deployment in situations with unpredictable and severely restricted environments.

* Current products intended to be used in professional healthcare environment only.

MOBYBOX™ patient unit

The MOBYBOX™ encases all active components in a protective insulated foam housing with a sturdy inner frame. Yet it is still extremely light, weighing only about 2 kg.

Runner control unit

Despite its ultra-small size and light weight, the MOBYBOX™ Runner still provides both blood flow and gas management

Gas cylinder

The whole system can be operated with a small gas cylinder that can easily be carried along with the MOBYBOX™ Runner control unit.

*Current products intended to be used in professional healthcare environment only.

Further Scenarios
Clinical Setting

The patient unit can be placed directly at the patient’s bedside and always stays with the patient – even during prone positioning and mobilization. The Master controller can be placed in a separate position, provides back-up gas supply functionality, and includes full gas blender capabilities.


The MOBYBOX™ system facilitates patient mobilization, particularly during ambulation, because its individual components can be separated and positioned individually. The MOBYBOX™ can be easily carried and the flexible pneumatic connections allow a sufficient radius of movement.