Physiotherapy measures, awake ECMO, and patient mobilization contribute significantly to preventing neuromuscular weakness and impaired physical functioning, which are well-known consequences of prolonged immobility. The MOBYBOX™ system design makes it easier for caregivers to facilitate safe patient mobilization.

MOBYBOX™ patient unit

The MOBYBOX™ patient unit can be easily carried with one hand and allows safe patient movement without undue strain on the circuit.

MOBYBOX Master control unit

The flexible pneumatic connection to the MOBYBOX™ Master control unit provides a sufficient radius of movement.

Further Scenarios
Clinical Setting

The patient unit can be placed directly at the patient’s bedside and always stays with the patient – even during prone positioning and mobilization. The Master controller can be placed in a separate position, provides back-up gas supply functionality, and includes full gas blender capabilities.


Because it does not require an electrical power source, the MOBYBOX™ is ideally suited for situations with limited infrastructure such as emergency applications in the field or during transport. The ultra-small Runner controller* combines unrivaled mobility with the safety that comes from ease of use.

*Current products intended to be used in professional healthcare environment only.